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What Can Go in a Roll Off Container?

If you’re involved in hauling or scrap collection, then you know that finding the right roll off container can mean the difference between keeping your worksite organized and making a profit and having it overflow with debris. This is why savvy waste managers consider capacity and frequency of pickup when selecting the best containers for their jobs. But, before you pick a container for your next project, it’s important to understand what can go in them so that you don’t run afoul of local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding illegal dumping.

Roll-offs are large trash containers roll off container columbia sc that are rolled out to job sites and then filled with waste until they reach their maximum capacity. These are the types of containers that you see on construction sites, large retail arenas and at many home improvement projects. They are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your particular needs.

They’re a great solution for larger waste-producing tasks that are too large to fit into traditional garbage cans or recycling bins. They’re also often used for residential and commercial cleanouts, building demolitions, home and yard renovations, moving and cleanup after natural disasters or storms. They’re also ideal for industrial and commercial trash disposal.

Roll off containers are usually open-topped metal boxes that can be rented for temporary use. They have a door on one end that allows the hauling truck to load waste into it. They’re made of strong steel and can hold a lot of weight. Some of them even feature a lid to protect the contents from odor, pests and weather elements.

Typically, these are delivered to your location by a hydraulic lift that “rolls” them off the back of a hauling truck. They have wheels on the bottom, which allow them to be moved around a worksite and then easily relocated to another spot when they’re full. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, with the most common being 10 through 40 cubic yards.

A 10 yard container is small enough for a quick home cleanout or small-scale remodeling project, and can accommodate up to three tons of debris. A 15 yard container is the best choice for large cleanups or disposal of heavier materials, like concrete and shingle debris. It can hold up to six pickup truck loads of waste.

The bigger 20 and 30-yard models are ideal for landscaping tasks, rock and sod removal and tree stumps. They can hold up to six pickup-truck loads of debris and can be rented for up to a month at a time.

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