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How to Rent a Dumpster

If you’ve ever worked on a home renovation project or watched a renovation show on TV, you know that demo day gets messy and a lot of stuff needs to go away. Dumpsters are a handy way to contain all the junk and debris and have it hauled away. They can be rented for periods of days, weeks or months, depending on your needs and budget.

A dumpster is a big container that’s rolled onto a truck and dropped off at your site, often on a private driveway or a street right-of-way. The size of a dumpster is measured in cubic yards, which indicates how much trash it can hold. When you’re ready to rent one, talk to a representative at the dumpster BIN Drop Dumpster Rentals in NJ rental company and describe your project. They will help you determine the best sized dumpster to fit your needs and will give you an initial price quote.

You can also ask about extra fees, like landfill charges or hazardous waste charges. Dumpster sizes are based on the amount of trash they can hold, but you may be able to get a lower cost by renting a smaller container if you’re getting rid of mostly light trash. The weight of the trash is also a factor. For example, if you’re disposing of a lot of bricks or concrete, consider renting a larger container.

Some items are not allowed in dumpsters, such as styrofoam and foam, wood with nails or stains, yard waste, food, paint or other toxic chemicals. Some cities and counties have specific rules about what can and cannot be put in the dumpster, so you should check local regulations before renting a dumpster.

Whether you’re doing a major home renovation, a clean out of the garage or attic, moving or cleaning up after a death in the family, or a general spring cleaning, a dumpster can make the job go faster and easier. There are usually many items that need to be discarded, and making several trips to the dump in a pickup can be time-consuming and exhausting. Renting a dumpster means all the waste can be taken care of in a single visit.

When renting a dumpster, keep in mind that prices vary by region. They are typically higher in urban areas, where there is more construction. The price also depends on how long you need the dumpster and if you need a permit to place it on the street or sidewalk. If you plan to keep the dumpster for a week or more, be sure to ask about a weekly or monthly rate, which can save you money in the long run. Be sure to read the fine print on your contract to ensure you understand all the fees, and don’t forget to ask about discounts for military personnel, seniors or first responders.

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